Introduction of a lecture series on artificial intelligence (AI).


Resident & Fellowship Artificial Intelligence (AI) Training Program – Department of Radiology, University of Florida College of Medicine  

The Department of Radiology at the University of Florida, Gainesville, is proud to announce the formal introduction of a lecture series on artificial intelligence (AI). The aim of this series is to make sure that our residents are familiar with the strengths, weaknesses, and important practical aspects of this technology that is likely to be increasingly used for patient care in the future. Leveraging the comprehensive AI expertise ranging from development to clinical adoption, with the support from the Radiomics & Augmented Intelligence Laboratory (RAIL), the series will ensure that residents graduating from our program our ready to effectively and safely use this transformative technology in their practice upon graduation, regardless of whether they pursue an academic career or private practice.

AI Lecture Series:

  1. Introductory lecture for the program: Impactful Artificial Intelligence Tool Evaluation and Adoption in Radiology: Opportunities & Challenges  
  2. Interpretive Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications: Introduction to Radiomics and AI for Radiologists 
  3. Non-Interpretive AI Applications: Process Streamlining, Workflow Optimization, and Beyond 
  4. Essentials of AI Algorithm Generalizability, Bias, and FDA Regulation for Radiologists 
  5. Optional: Hands on AI Projects at the RAIL lab (Radiomics and Augmented Intelligence Laboratory). Interested candidates can contact Dr. R. Forghani for opportunities. 

Mariam Hanna, MD, Professor of Radiology & Residency Program Director

Reza Forghani, MD, PhD, Professor of Radiology & Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Vice Chair of AI