Match Day 2023

We are excited to announce our incoming Diagnostic Radiology class starting in 2024! We are honored to have matched with such a diverse and bright group of young men and women.

  • Top Row (L to R):
    • Rishabh Agrawal (Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University)
    • Amara Ahmed (Florida State University COM)
    • Sylvia Arce (University of Florida COM)
    • Johnathan Azar (Florida State University COM)
  • Middle Row (L to R):
    • Hari Lakshmanan (Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University)
    • Robert McCauley (Eastern Virginia Medical School)
    • Jordan Moseley (University of South Carolina SOM)
    • Ryan Pinosky (University of Mississippi, SOM)
  • Bottom Row (L to R):
    • Rahul Raghavan (University of South Carolina SOM)
    • Zereen Sarwar (University of Florida COM)
    • Tyler Thompson (University of Florida COM)
    • Braian Yoon (Texas Christian University SOM)